Carpel Environment Corporation

Caring for you and the environment

Carpel Environment Corporation, one of the leading paper consolidators in the Philippines, has long been dedicated to the environment, which is evident in the company’s integration of progressive technology.

Why you should trust us?

Carpel Environment Corporation has been dedicating its hardwork and effort in every step to incorporate modern technology to environmental stewardship.


In fact:

  • Carpel Environment Corporation has a track record of service and innovation going back 30 years in this community and is a true partner in providing environmental solutions.
  • CARPEL has been and always will be reliable, trustworthy, and flexible in its professional career. Respected by both the government and business partners nationwide.
  • CARPEL has developed multiple recycling facilities to serve the community, 24/7 days a week to fulfill clients’ woes such as traffic congestion and distance.

  • CARPEL is also dedicated in promoting programs and associations to provide knowledge to this generation and to the next for the continued ecofriendly environment and waste management solutions.

  • CARPEL is also optimistic that the company can support client’s environmental programs in achieving their goals of reducing community solid wastes and reduced pollution based on its commitment to environmental preservation.

  • CARPEL looks forward to a long collaborative relationship with its present and future partner companies. Establishing bond and commitment that would improve service development.

  • CARPEL also believes that the additional benefits it is able to offer the management, as the exclusive hauler of all clients, partner companies, and other client owned institutions, would profit both parties.

  • CARPEL as one of the best paper suppliers nationwide, we can assure quality service provided by our excellent credibility and high standards.

Our Production Process

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